Chris White Designs: Atlantic 47 MastFoil™

Thu, 10/18/2012


"It's the best looking catamaran I've ever seen. A combo of bad ass and elegance!"

That was the comment of one owner while looking at the new wing-masted, 47' catamaran designed by Chris Whitte currently under construction at Alwoplast in Chile.  Wing masts(sails?) have been burning up San Francisco Bay lately and have loads of advantages in efficiency and reduced loads so it's interesting to see it coming from the America's Cup world into the performance cruising world.  As you can see the first 47' is coming down the home stretch as it's been floated but still has quite a bit of work before first sail.  This is an interesting project and will be great to see her underway soon.  

In the meantime here are some comment from designer Chris White:  "The main structure of A47 #2 is complete and the interior is being installed. A few weeks ago the A47s under construction were being moved around in the shop. While hull #1 was in the travelift the Alwoplast crew took the opportunity to splash the boat and see what she looks like in the water. It's certainly handy to have a waterfront boat shop and your own lift! She looked great, even though floating very high without the rig and machinery. 

"A new design offers countless opportunities for improvements throughout the boat. While weight reduction is always high on the list of priorities it shares importance with durability and ease of maintenance. Having the lightest/fastest possible boat does you no good if it is constantly broken or needs a mobile pit crew to keep it running. Sadly this seems to be the current state of affairs in the world of mega-yachts where the ratio of sailing time to shop repair time is pitiful.

"The A47 MastFoil is, by nature, designed to provide low stress sailing by eliminating sail and rigging stresses, sail handling difficulties and the associated mental stress that causes. Why not take that concept a step further and strive to build the most reliable, lowest maintenance structure too? Doing that, obviously, is the only real choice."

To read more go to construction updates here.


Hull under construction in Chile